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Update: Dubai Police Release list of Items seized from Hushpupi and Woodberry during Arrest.

Theinvincible 06/25/2020

In a statement released today, the Dubai police have listed the items seized from popular Instagram celebrity Hushpupi during his arrest. the team also released a video showing how he was traced and arrested. in the video, it was said that the popular Instagram celebrity was easily traced due to his flamboyant lifestyle on the gram.

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The operation was titled "Fox Hunt 2" and in the investigation, it was discovered also that he and his team had defrauded over 1.5 million people and has executed a series of scams worth $435.6 million

Items seized from Hushpuppi & his crew by Dubai Police include:

1. 150million Dirhams (16bn) worth of items

2. 21 Laptops

3. 47 Smartphones

4. 15 Flash drives

5. 5 Hard drives with about 200,000 files

6. 13 luxury cars worth 25m Dirhams (3 billion Naira).

Nigerians on twitter have reacted to his arrest saying he should have laid low since he knew he was involve in criminal activities.

My question is this, are we angry because he was involved in criminal activity or we are angry because he didn't lay low.

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+234-813059**** · 06/25/2020
You put some people in pains while you are living a flamboyant lifestyle, don't you know that the spirit of those you defrauded will continue to hunt after you and continually pray to God for vengeance and justice.

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