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Meet Rahma Haruna Who Lived In A Plastic Bowl All Her Life (With Pictures)

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Meet Rahma Haruna Who Lived In A Plastic Bowl (With Pictures)

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Being alive with your two hands and your two legs completely intact is a blessing, one which we should be grateful to God for. Today I want to lead you through the live Rahma Haruna lived, one which only showed resilience and hope.

Listen to the story of Rahma Haruna, The girl who was born without arms and legs, who spent almost all her life in a plastic bowl.

Rahma Haruna was born healthy until she turned six months old, her parents noticed she had stunted growth. The story of living in a bowl started with a type of high-grade fever, then moved towards abdominal and body aches.

Rahma Haruna's chronic pain flared up and it left her incapacitated. Her family showed how much they cared for her by carrying her around in a plastic bowl, Other responsibilities that include bathing and eating was carried out by her 10-year-old brother.

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Rahma’s family had done all they could to ease Rahma of this tragedy, they did their bit to give their child all the care in the world that she deserves.

In Hussaini's words, Rahma's father:

“I’ve spent 15 years searching for the cure, I go the farm, the market, and lots more looking for money to pay her bills. I sold almost everything in my possession".

They have also engaged a lot of campaigns to help fund their beloved daughter medical bills, they also received numerous gifts, and even one of kind person donated a wheelchair.

This is Rahma with her 10-year-old brother.

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Unfortunately, she passed in 2016 at the very young age of 19, but she enjoyed the love and care any loving mother or father would give their own.

Imagine spending all your days in a bowl, it wasn't easy and I pray none of our beloved ones would pass through this kind of life, say Amen in the comment section.

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Zeewrites · 06/25/2020
God help us, this shall not happen to any member of our family.... amen
GUEST_VbnXXgRDN · 06/28/2020
God PROTECT our family from all illness in Jesus mighty name amen amen
Zeewrites · 06/25/2020
GUEST_dBpmL7lka · 06/26/2020
God you are unquestionable.

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