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Fiction: See the mysterious creature I saw under my bed

Prodigy03 2d

This was surprising and terrifying when I saw a mysterious creature under my bed.

I don't know how this happened and where it started from and that is what made me surprised and afraid. I have been sweeping the whole and room everyday and even under my bed but I didn't see this mysterious creature all those days. 

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The only thing that I feel that made me see this mysterious creature was when I went to my church for a prayer program. During the program, the pastor was praying for everyone and he was saying that God will expose our enemies and open our eyes to see their evil works. I believed in the prayers of my pastor and I claimed the prophesy with faith.

Few days after I went to church, while I wanted to sweep my room as usual, I saw this mysterious creature under my bed and this made me scared and afraid. 

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