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What Will Happen to the Two Children Hushpuppi is leaving Behind? Look at Their Pictures Here.

Ezekiel123 06/29/2020

✓ Let's Run a Quick check on who Hushpuppi his.

Raymond Igbalodely known popularly as Hushpuppi, is a Nigerian socialite based in Dubai. Hushpuppi who came into limelight due to the luxurious lifestyle he puts in display on social media, he was reportedly arrested recently in Dubai by FBI and Interpol over allegations of $35 million fraud. The source of his wealth which was previously unknown to the public but known to always flaunt a lavish lifestyle that includes expensive cars, jewelery and private jets, also having over 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

Hushpuppi is not married but has two children a boy and a girl for two different girlfriends. We actually don't know if he was still in a relationship with them before he got arrested by the FBI. The names of his children are Dior and Jayden, one of his baby mamas also identified as Miss sho.

Miss sho reportedly gave birth to the famous Internet fraudster in year 2013, Miss sho once accused him of not looking after his son Dior, however Hushpuppi denied the acquisitions at him by his baby mama.

Pictures of jayden, Hushpuppi's Daughter.

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Pictures of Dior, Hushpuppi's only son.

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Now that Hushpuppi had been arrested by the FBI, what exactly will happen to the future of this innocent kids who has just come to this world but choose a wrong father, Hushpuppi fraudulent act might possibly have a great effect on them, cause the society we are today won't give them chance at the top knowing fully well that Hushpuppi produced them in my own view, for as long as they bear his name and he's related to them I don't think this children will forgive him if they grow up to understand the consequences of what their father has caused them.

Please kindly share your opinion towards this and let's hear from different people on the possible effect of what Raimond Igbalodely Popularly known as Hushpuppi bad behavior would cause these innocent children later in future.


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Top Comments
+234-803326**** · 06/30/2020
Who is this mumu writer,did you choose the father that gave birth to you and why don't you just leave these innocent children out of the sins of their father.Who told they can't be taken care of by their mothers.If you don't have any thing sensible to write shut your trap.
JeffGilead · 06/30/2020
You're a bad writer....what are you trying to pass across,the surname generated by their fraudulent and father or what???The innocent children deserves some sorts of PRIVACY please.....my humble submission please
+234-803917 · 06/30/2020
privacy of these little children is also very important please.
LukmonOjubanire · 06/30/2020
Nothing will happen to the children. They will live their life as a normal human being.Whatever the society decide to say, that's the society problem. We should just pray for the children to survive the storm.

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