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Lampard appoints Ngolo Kante to new role at Chelsea

yosoyeelisha 06/25/2020

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Chelsea head coach and legend Frank Lampard has praised midfielder Ngolo Kante for his terrific performance in the club's last game against Aston Villa. Lampard opted to return Kante to his natural position which was defensive midfield after using him in a more advanced role all season and it was a powerful return as he once again showed everyone his qualities.

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Fans of the club have called on Lampard to retain Kante in his original role instead of Jorginho who Frank has preferred in that position all season ahead of Kante. Lampard praised Kante for his dynamism in any role given and also his ability to recover and maintain the ball.

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Frank Lampard was quoted in his post match press conference saying: "I think we all know Ngolo Kante's abilities, and he hasn't really played as the deep-lying midfielder, he's generally played as one or two, or in recent times one of the more slightly offensive players ahead of one deep-lying midfielder."

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Lampard has claimed Kante to be his chess piece that can be deployed anywhere to confuse his opponents. Lampard says "I've got no problem in playing him in different positions. It is something we've worked on with him a little bit, and it gives me good options to have different types of attributes in that deeper position at times". Chelsea face Manchester City at Stamford Bridge tonight.

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Top Comments
MilsonChitenta · 06/26/2020
Why then was he being used in wrong Position? How has this costed Chelsea 's ending position on the table. Mind you they lost some games they did not need to loose.
MaliqadisaWaheed · 06/25/2020
SundayZulu · 06/27/2020
the season has stated well 2 wining more good reasons am very happy to win Manchester city well done...and super frank it's good idea to put Angolo kante at the good position
+234-806767**** · 06/26/2020
better leave him where he is playing now defensive 4 please ohhhhh

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