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Tears as UNIZIK Lecturer, Prof. Okwudili Udemezue Dies of Alleged Covid-19 Complications.

ElizabethObigwe 06/26/2020

Though death is inevitable, no one ever wishes for it. Most tragic of all is that it strikes when we least expect.

The story has not been any different for Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Anambra State. The entire students and staff of the school have been thrown into mourning after the death of one of her own, Prof. Okwudili O. Udemezue was announced on Thursday, 25th of June, 2020. He was said to have struggled with death through out Wednesday night, but finally gave up. 

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Reports have it that he was suffering from diabetes, and had fallen sick few months back. Although some people say he was reported to have Covid-19 complications as well, this has not been confirmed.

Prof Udemezue had hitherto been the Provost of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University's Medical College in Nnewi. He was elected into the position in October 2018. He also served at different times as the Head of Department, Anatomy Department and the Dean, Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences.

Through out his years of service, he was known for his integrity. He always sort to uphold justice and fairness. He readily listened to students and was a father to all who encountered him.

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During my years in the college, I always admired his personality even though I never had a personal encounter with him. All who did always spoke positive of him. I remember during our clearance when we had challenges, someone said

"make we go provost office go complain, the man go listen" - meaning "let us go and complain to the provost, he will listen"

I was like " just like that? You go just waka enter him office?" - meaning "just like that? You will just walk into his office?"

Another person responded "na true o, I hear say the man no get problem" - meaning "that is true o. I learnt the man has no problem". Although we could not meet with him that day because he was in a meeting, his secretary attended to us properly. 

He generally always gave students a warm and welcoming reception. He was God fearing, and a christian in the true sense of the word.

Indeed, the medical community, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, and particularly the medical college has lost a rare gem and an irreplaceable personality.

May God console his family and the entire college community. 

May his soul rest in peace. Amen

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Your_Pikin · 06/26/2020
AmakaAdione · 06/26/2020
He was my lecturer. Very cool man
ngoziemenike · 06/26/2020
Good people don't last. RIP good man 😭😭
Lakasganda · 06/27/2020

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