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COVID19: First University to Commence Lectures In Nigeria, See how successful it was

absim 06/26/2020

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The management of Al-Qalam University Katsina are proud to be the first University in Nigeria to commence lectures amid the corona virus pandemic. This is a good progress for the University.

According to report, the University launch an online lecture via Zoom app, fortunately all their students were able to attend the lectures from the comfort of their homes. This also means that students can do their assignments and forward it to their lecturers via email. Examination will also be conducted and marked online with a high powered software.

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Remember, recently ASSU told Federal government that virtual learning is not possible in Nigeria Universities due to lack of necessary amenities to support it. However it seems to be successful in this University, that means with little support from the government virtual learning can be possible in our Universities. This is the way to go in this lockdown period, instead of delaying the destiny of many great minds especially those who are about to graduate.

Kudos to the management of Al-Qalam university.

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Top Comments
DanielMusa_03 · 06/27/2020
hmmm Alqalam that I know?? how about their PhD Students will they present seminar via zoom?
GUEST_G2YNQ0lkW · 06/27/2020
when did they start lectures? What about Bowen university that started since April?
+234-0703******* · 06/27/2020
that is a very good achievement, it is not good to waste the previous time of our youth. that is the same way, foriegn people are doing.
+44-777864**** · 06/26/2020
This is a very good development.

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