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Zee World: 7 most beautiful women and their relationship status

falaqamin 06/24/2020

We could make a list of 70 beautiful women on Zee World and still not be able to capture them all. In this article, I am bringing the number down to seven. Remember, the list is based on good looks not just popularity. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section when you're done reading.

1) Roshni (King of Hearts)

Nia Sharma is everyone's favourite and has been acting since 2010. She has come third (2016) and second (2017) on Eastern Eye's Top 50 Sexiest Asian Women. She says she's not single and admits having a special person in her life.

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2) Mehek (Mehek)

Zindagi Ki Mehek's lead actress Samishka Jaiswal is 28 years old and single. She's said to have announced having a crush on co-actor Karan Vohra (Shaurya) but nothing more because Karan is happily married. Fans think she might be dating Purab from Twist of Fate season 1 due to some pictures she posted on social media recently.

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3) Tanu (Twist of Fate)

Leena Jumani is very young (29 years old) and one of the most beautiful actresses you'll find in Indian soap opera. She's engaged to U.S.A based business man Rahul Sachdeva. Her "baby face" is desired by many.

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4) Gangaa (Gangaa Season 2)

Aditi Sharma is famously know for her role as grown up Gangaa in season 2 of the show. She's married to Sarwar Ahuja and has a baby.

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5) Saloni (Saloni)

The lead character in Saloni (Rajshree Thakur) was a news reporter and voice over artist before she became an actress. She's 38 years old and has been married to Sanjot Vaidya since 2007.

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6) Pragya (Twist of Fate)

Her real name as you should know by now is Srithi Jha and she's 34 years old. She's won many awards for her lead role in Twist of fate but is most alluring in Begusarai. She's been dating Harshad Chopda and news has that they could be getting married soon.

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7) Poonam (Begusarai)

Born on 18th May 1995, Shivanshi Joshi is known for her role as the resilient Poonam Thakur in Begusarai. She's been on TV series since 2013 and has won all the awards she's been nominated for (4). Shivanshi is not married and private with her dating life.

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which gangaa Mr poster
KellyBrown_18 · 06/25/2020
where is Pooja and Manpreet
BoseAdebayoOjo · 06/25/2020
That is not Gangaa's picture
GloriaEzendiokwelu · 06/25/2020
pragya is not in begusarai

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