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Poverty as a challenge to the prospects of the youths in developing countries

SamistIlide 06/29/2020

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Poverty could be understood as a condition of insufficiency or inadequacy of resources necessary for a standard or dignified living condition. It is the incapacity to satisfy such basic needs as food, shelter and clothing. It also entails having considerable low access to healthcare and education.

Poverty as a by-product of economic and political decadence often has a devastating effect on the youths, especially due to insufficient satisfaction of their basic needs. Hence hunger and malnutrition, poor physical and mental development, illiteracy, low self-esteem, poor health condition, and even preventable deaths are sometimes causally I linked to poverty. Poverty also seems to have effect on a moral blight of any society where people barely eke out their living.

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In fact there is an apparent interlocking relationship between poverty and such vices as bribery and corruption, political violence, prostitution, human trafficking, child labour and drug abuse.

Since poverty jeopardizes the prospects of the youths, it is incumbent on the government of every human society to improve the living conditions of its citizens especially the youths.

The youths themselves must also contribute to the project of poverty eradication by participating in skill acquisition programmes with a view to generating income.

Indeed, while it is acknowledged that economic poverty is one of the formidable challenges face by the youths, especially in developing countries, it is certainly a condition from which one can consciously escape through determination and hard work.

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Lastly, formation of youths' organizations should be encouraged. This is because by means of such organizations the youths can share mutually enriching ideas as well as establish a working relationship with the government.

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