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See 5 Reasons Why President Buhari May Declare Another Lockdown

Kingsnews 06/29/2020

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The impact of the dreaded novel Coronavirus has forced many countries of the world to enforce total or partial lockdown in oder to contain the spread of the virus. After going through phase one of the lockdown, most of these countries have started easing the lockdown in order to allow their citizens move around and adapt to the post- COVID-19 lifestyle.

Nigeria who recorded her first index case in February this year, has joined the list of nations of the world to ease her lockdown. Remember the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, started by imposing a two weeks total lockdown in Lagos, Abuja and Ogun States respectively. Since then most governors have followed suit in either totally or partially locking up their states as a result of the increase in the numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

It has been confirmed that each states in Nigeria including the FCT now has a confirmed case of COVID-19. Lagos State has since become the epicenter of the virus in the country. Although restriction is being lifted, Nigeria is still not out of the woods yet. Since the ease in the lockdown, the numbers of confirmed cases have continued to shoot up. Any sane mind may want to ask, is it right for the country to ease the lockdown at this time?

I personally fear that with the way things are going, as result of the spike in number of cases and series of mysterious death recorded, another total lockdown may be inevitable.

Below are five (5) reasons why another total lockdown maybe inevitable:

1. Violations on interstate travel ban:

Following the order issued by minister President on the ban on interstate travel, the order has been flouted with utmost disrespect. Movement from one state to another is going on as smooth as normal without any restrictions. If things continues like this, I fear another lockdown maybe inevitable in the country.

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2. Refusal to Abide by Safety Guidelines:

The NCDC has issued some guidelines that with guide the general public in the containing the spread of the novel coronavirus in the country, but it seems that these guidelines are been neglected by majority. Many no longer comply with use of facemask, maintaining social distancing and washing of hands.

3. Compromise Among Security Personnel:

One major challenge that the government has encountered so far in the fight against the novel Coronavirus, is the issue of compromise among security agents. Most of the security agents place to mount our borders, collect bribes from drivers and travellers, thereby allowing them to gain access to different states and parts of the country, despite Federal and state government ban on interstate travel.

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4. Ignorance Among the Masses:

It may surprise you to note that there are still many people who still don't believe that coronavirus is real. Many through ignorance, have been brainwashed that the virus is a scam, and that government is using it to make money. This alone is a big challenge. Because of this mentality exhibited by some who don't believe that the virus exist, it is really a big challenge to government in fighting the virus. Countries like Italy and Brazil paid greatly from such act of ignorance, we must not make the same mistake.

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5. Overstretching of Health System :

Many of the isolation centres are been overstretched. The NCDC are now complaining that there are no enough isolation centres and beds to cater for those infected with the virus. When our health system is stretched, I fear, will definitely call for another lockdown. Considering the large number of Nigeria's population.

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We must not let down our guard because we may not have reach the peak yet. We must learn from the mistake of Brazil, if not, we may not escape been the epicenter of the virus in Africa.

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