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How I survived loneliness as a Nigerian Living in America During The Covid -19 Lockdown.

Harrison.atuokwu 06/24/2020

I have been stuck in the US for four months now due to Covid Shutdown. Loneliness nearly killed me , so I decided to go out into the streets of Philadelphia and see if I could meet women. I would have tried Tinder, but those ones tried to scam me, a gist for another day. Lol. So that day I made up my mind to enter streets and meet women the old-fashioned way. I Woke up, did my workouts, wore my nonsense tank top and went into the mall.

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I eyed first babe just as soon as I entered, picking vegetables in the food aisle. Clean shape inside tight jeans.My brain begin dey calculate. Every hunter knows the chance of failure is high. You're simply hoping the chances tilt in your favor small. She's picking things around, I'm following her with sense at a respectable distance, fam I even entered pampers section just to appear busy.Babe is walking about the store, hunter is walking about too. All I've been doing for weeks is reading, Graphic art and programming. Hunter needs to make a move.

I need an opening to engage her, but I can't see any. She's always picking things and walking about too fast.Suddenly she's in line for checkout, she's slipping away. If I don't catch her before she checks out, I might miss this chance forever, she's next in line. I'm walking to talk to her now, suddenly she walks to the checkout register. Damn! Plan don bash.I quickly pick something from one aisle as if that's what I wanted to buy.

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I am determined, I've walked the length and breadth of this store, I've seen no other babe that is up to her standard. So I'm suddenly standing in Apple Juice Aisle, while she's checking out.I'm standing right in front of American Apple Cidar but my eye is twisted to the left, eyeing her with discretion. I'm afraid if I blink too much, she can just vanish.

She's opening her purse, paying for her items, packaging them.My heart is thumping, I'm touching apple juice to appear normal, but hunter is timing, hunter doesn't want apple juice. Suddenly she carries her groceries and walks out the exit. This is my chance. Hunter quickly drops apple juice.

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I also dash out of the store briskly.She's in the parking lot, her carkeys in her right hand. My mind is telling me, "Damn! This woman pass your level oo. See as her carkey fine". I'm like "Man gaz bold". I get to her side, she's covered in facemask like me..

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