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Why Fani Kayode Claims Tinubu Has Retired From Politics And It's Over For Him

Joshuablog 06/24/2020

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During APC crisis,Fani Kayode didn't talk about Tinubu or anyone else,he was just looking at how things would play out and in favour of whom.

About 2 hours ago,it was made official by the Spokesman To The President That The President Of The Federal Republic Of Nigeria recognize only the person who is on the side of the law not the party,this equally means the President recognizes Victor Giadom because he is on the side of the law and not Abiola Ajimobi as the Party wants.

Here is the statement made by the Spokesman To The President

Please read the statement.

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The spokesman to the president also made it clear that he would act in accordance to the law and would hold a virtual meeting with Victor Giadom and he hopes Governors and leaders of the national assembly would attend.

Barely two hours after this proclamation,Fani Kayode concluded it's all falling in favour of Victor Giadom and for this reason,it's over for Tinubu.

If you could also notice that Tinubu being one of the strong holds of the party didn't Intervene in the Edo APC saga and other crisis in Ondo and others,he was silent about this and for President Buhari to back up Victor Giadom instead of Abiola Ajimobi,Fani Kayode concluded Tinubu has retired from politics

Here is the tweet below

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He stated above that Oshiomole was kicked out of the party, Ajimobi who was picked by the party to replace Oshiomole is ill,and then his rival Victor Giadom is now officially recognized by The president without Tinubu Intervening,

He concluded it's over for Tinubu and he has been retired from politics

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Top Comments
MuritalaJnr · 06/24/2020
Look at the Petty MANNER at which Fani FOOL is looking or analyzing the Polity. What is even his Interest in APC AFFAIRS? He is really in SANE!

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