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Remember The Lady That Sells Attraction Oil? She Just Bought 3 Cars In One Day

TrendingGists&News 06/24/2020

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This particular lady broke the internet weeks ago after she publicly made a video advertising her attraction oil for men that went viral

The popular attractions oil charm seller that has a page on Instagram named Queen skin care product has just posted a very big acheivement she made just recently.She announced on her Instagram page that she has gifted herself Two Toyota Camrys And One Lexus.

The popular woman reportedly sell attraction oil for ladies and in summary,she is a female (that create medicine using herbs) that works digitally.

Here is the photo of the cars she bought

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She was very happy with her acheivements and she shared a lengthy post

Sharing photos of the car, the kayanmata dealer revealed how she hustled really hard in life in order to become the person she is today.Check out her post below

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In summary,She recounted how she used to trek to deliver her oil and creams to her customers on empty stomach,she also explained how her employees would leave her after learning the art of cream mixture and still get her arrested if she ask for a percentage of their income,she recounted how she fell sick multiple times after processing over 1000 orders by herself

She stated that she is very hardworking and it pays off.

She also thanked God and stated in the post that this came months after she bought a house in Lekki.

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Top Comments
GabEgbe-Yonwuren · 06/25/2020
Only misled people will fall for attraction oil which is not natural There is nothing as good and beautiful as natural attraction
+234-703966**** · 06/25/2020
is car achievement,seek ye first the kingdom of God n is righteousness n every other things shall be added to u
GUEST_3nemWVKQg · 06/25/2020
There is a way that seemeth right to a man but the end is the way to death.
Dave4sky · 06/25/2020
her swindles really paid off

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