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What Manchester United fans are saying about Paul Pogba after Sheffield United win

Messilona 06/24/2020

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Now Shef U have gone shite, does that mean Pogba is now the best player in the world again !!!


Hahahaha tyeses they gonna come here and say KDB is better than Pogba because he has more assists than Pogba 😂😂😂


Pogba showed exactly why he’s our best player as well. Absolute joy to watch at times some of his passes I hadn’t seen a United player make since scholes and that dribble he made in second half was fucking disgusting.


The talk of Pogba and Fernandes playing well in midfield tonight but let us take a min to appreciate how well Matic played tonight also, I thought he was brilliant, kept everything ticking over nicely #MUFC


Pogba > Bruno > Martial > Rashford > Martial

This is what all Man United fans were dreaming of during COVID break.


Pogba have really showed some skills last 2 games. Keep it up Pogba..


Pogba legit looked so relieved on the pitch... There wasn't too much pressure on him..

Great to see him back! 🔴


Pogba being the bigger chap and letting Bruno take set pieces


Pogba with so much space to create with Bruno around. Very much what Pogba needed all this time. Still wanted to see them playing in 4-4-2 diamond. Rashy and Greenwood were very dangerous. Greenwood's stepover and make room for himself to shoot was damn rapid. What a talent #mufc


Ball movement was levels. 

Matic, Pogba and Bruno is the move. 

Same with Greenwood, Rashford and Martial.


Rashford was really good with his passing too. Pogba and matic were solid 8/10 as well


I no be Manchester United fan but them do all , Martial and Pogba really spoil there


Matic was absolutely brilliant. I think now people understand matic needs to operate behind pogba and fernandes.


Impressive performance from United. Flowing and creative. Martial and Fernandes very good. Third goal involving Pogba, Fernandes, Rashford and Martial was fantastic.


very surprised with anthony martials amazing performance ....10/10 today ....matic ,pogba,marcus bruno ,show ,maguire ,lindolf were increadible today


Thoroughly enjoyed that. Good to see us play and completely dominate. Pogba and Bruno fantastic - Matic allowed that to happen. Tony’s finishing outstanding - need to keep that fire buriningn. Exciting to watch this team continue to develop. #mufc

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Top Comments
JoshuaUduafemhe · 06/25/2020
more strength boys
+233-20888**** · 06/25/2020
Indeed, an excellent display by the midfield trio and the triangular attack. Now my biggest worry is the omission of Fred, the most outstanding until now. He deserves a start ahead of Matic
JagoMustapha · 06/24/2020
I can see all of them are now doing brilliant in the midfield even encluding Fred and mctomney

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