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How to use portable hand held fire extinguisher in the event of fire.

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Portable fire extinguisher are the first line of defence against fire. They need to be made available at strategic locations in the organization or workplace irrespective of other fire control measures. They should be fully charged and operational at all times. They should always be kept a specific designated locations except when being used. They should be readily accessible in the event of a fire. Never block access for any reason.

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Components of portable extinguishers:


Delivery pistol with valve

Delivery pipe

Gas cylinder 


Firing pin

Water tight cover

Powder container

Mode of operation

Remove the safety pin ( wedge or clip)

Grab nozzle and aim at base of fire. Some 

Some designs do not have nozzle and trigger.

Press the knob or squeeze the discharge lever depending on what is available.

Direct extinguishing materials at base of fire, using sweeping method.

In summary,

Use this simple method to remember PASS

P - pull the pin

A - aim the nozzle at the base of the flame.

S - squeeze the handles

S - sweep back and forth, covering the entire areas.

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NB: You are not required to extinguish a fire with a fire extinguisher only if you have been trained and the situation does not present danger.

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