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Bandits Killing Us Every Day Despite Military Presence – Katsina Residents

SportNews4u 06/24/2020

Bandits Killing Us Every Day Despite Military Presence – Katsina Residents

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Katsina residents have said bandits are killing them every day despite the presence of military men in their communities.

Residents of the Batsari community of Katsina state have continued to lament the high rate of killings by the bandits despite the presence of the military.

Mr. Suleiman Isa, while speaking to WAR via a telephone conversation, said residents are been killed on daily basis by the bandits without the military stopping them.

He explained that in virtually all times that the bandits attack and kill residents, the military men were been called to help repel the attack, pointing out that they do not respond to a distress call.

Isa alleged that in few cases the military responded to a distress call, they usually arrive at the crime scene hours the bandits had caused havoc and left.

Mr. Gambo Ibrahim, a farmer at the Karare area of Batsari local government, told WAR that the rate of killings in Katsina with the presence of military men is unacceptable.

Angry with the development, Ibrahim said the military may be aiding bandit attacks in Katsina communities, pointing out that the presence of the military has not helped in addressing insecurity in Katsina, but has rather worsen the situation.

Miss Juliet, a 300 level Ahmadu Bello University student, from Katsina, told WAR, the kind of attacks happening in Katsina is highly under-reported.

Juliet said there is no day people are not been killed and kidnapped in Katsina, pointing out that if what is happening in Katsina is adequately reported, Nigerians and the world will know there is a huge problem going on in the state.

WAR had earlier reported how, Bandits on Tuesday night attacked two communities in Batsari and Kurfi Local Government Areas of Katsina State, kidnapping four persons, two women, and traditional rulers, WAR has learned.

Karare Village in Batsari and Barkiya in Kurfi Local Government Areas were the communities that came under attack.

Local sources say that the bandits kidnapped Magajin Garin Barkiya, a traditional village head.

The bandits later moved to attack Karare, where they kidnapped two women, cart away cows and food items.

Mr. Mustapha Ruma, a resident, explained that the bandits numbering about 20 evaded the community on Tuesday night on motorcycles with all kinds of dangerous weapons.

He narrated that the bandits carried out deadly attacks while they kidnapped Ciroma Ahmadu Karare and his 20-year-old daughter.

Ruma explained that the bandit took away the district head’s telephone and gave him a new one with SIM card, pointing out they told him that was to enable them to communicate with him and negotiate a ransom for his kidnapped daughter.

Another local source disclosed that a 23-year-old nursing mother was also kidnapped by the bandits.

Local sources said they are worried over the frequent attacks with casualties at Batsari local government area despite the presence of the military men.

Some of the locals say many residents have been forced to move out of their homes because they fear they may be killed by the bandits.

WAR could not immediately reach out to the Katsina state police command for a response.

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Top Comments
AgboFrancis · 06/25/2020
Good morning Katsina State.All over the world,Presidents are elected based on ability and merit,but in Nigeria,it is other wise.Even in the on coming 2023,the North would still be guided by ethnic politics and religious inclination.How can any civilised society in the race to meet up the ever improving world over elect to be led by a president who is no longer able to carry out the tidious duty as number one man of the country? If any body other than an Hausa man canvasses that Buhari should resign,hell will be let loose,so let the status quo be maintained.After the race we count the miles.
+234-0814680**** · 06/27/2020
What exactly is happening in this kastina,they are playing politics with Buhari over there.I know they are trying to rubbish his government with all this distraction against insurgency.Well,I pity northerners would open their eyes and allow their children to be used to cause unrest in a city.May God deliver Buhari
UncleJoe14 · 06/25/2020
Many questions unanswered...Any soldier who cries out with the truth is charged with tried for mutiny... How can things go right?
AndrewChukwudi · 06/25/2020
this bandits are people probably armed for election but now used to mine our natural resources free f charge. when they are challenged the terrorize the community. this nation don't want to practice resource control which is over dom

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