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Premier League Champions May Emerge Today under These Conditions

https://sportafri.blogspot.com 06/24/2020

There is no doubt that the English Premier League title contest for 2019/2020 seems to be over. Although looking at it from mathematical point of view, the premier league title contest of this season is still much open.

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Talking of the mathematical point view- If the league leaders Liverpool Football Club lose their remaining 7 matches, and the opponents Manchester City win their remaining 8 Premier League matches, the reigning Champions will get ahead of Liverpool FC and win the trophy.

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However, that is not possibly going to happen, since it is practically impossible for Liverpool to lose their remaining 7 English Premier League matches in a stretch without recording at least 3 draws or one win.

It means that Liverpool Football Club needs just 3 points in their next premier league match to lift the premier league. But the wait for the next match may be over if Chelsea Football Club defeat Manchester City today by 8 pm Nigerian time.

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Recording a defeat today will keep Manchester City Football Club who currently have 63 points, 23 points behind Liverpool Football Club who have 86 points,with just 7 more Premier League matches to play.

If Manchester City go on to win the remaining 7, (if they lose today), while Liverpool lose the remaining 7 matches, Manchester City will have just 84 points while Liverpool will have 86 points.

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The last time Liverpool won the English Premier League was in 1989- 1990 season, under Kenny Dalglish; that was about 30 years ago. But the Reds may smile again today after 3 decades, as Manchester City visit resurgent Chelsea Football Club .

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