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See Old Photo Of Gas Station In Germany 1958.

Nonso8067 06/24/2020

It's so surprisingly tha View pictures in App save up to 80% data. t this gas station was founded and established in Bochum West Germany in 1958, the gas station has been in existence since the creation of west and east Germany. The photo which have been displayed by many online network has been the major topic now around the globe and quickly taking us back to 1945 when the second world war ended with Germany being devastated and plunged with long economic crisis', who would have thought Nazi Germany will still rise back to it former glory after years of war and economic crisis? My question to we Africans "how do we get it all wrong? for all these years of colonialism and political conquest what have we achieved as a continent?

To who it may concern, let's take Nigeria for instance we said we are the giant of Africa and believing it's real, to be honest with you that's a very big lie and we know that, we can't even boast of having a stable electricity as a giant of Africa, not even a good road network, how long are we going to feed on these lies which has no backups? how are we going to change even when we actually know the truth? go to Germany today and see how the country has changed from rust to gold, immigrants from all over the world mostly from the third world countries are traveling and emigrating living their former country desolated and damned beyond rebuilt.

Africans in particularly how can we be running away from our Continent," seeking citizenship in another man's land, why can't we build our Continent and make it look like others, are we going to run from land for ever? we are strong we shouldn't be seen as people who always wait on their government for help even when we can help ourselves by fighting for our right in a sensible manner, let's fight our government in a rightful," let's let them know we know our right and we are fighting for the betterment of the African pride and people, for our children both born and unborn, let's make plans for our future for the next generation of people that will come after us.

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