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FICTION: Why are most men just attracted to my physical endowment, no true love

Asuneblog.com.ng 06/29/2020

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I am getting sick and tired of the frequent heartbreaks, all my previous relationships ended on sad note as all my ex's jilted me one way or the other.

To say the fact, I am beautifully created and naturally endowed as that has been an edge for me over my fellow peers. I can't recount the number of men who has asked me for a relationship even though I feel it was lust at first sight.

Men on their first glance at me always loose control and wants to get closer to me. It appears they all have lust for me perhaps strongly due to my physical appearance. It also appears most men love endowed ladies which I am not an exception.

Even though my asset is suppose to be a blessing in disguise, reverse is the case. Men on getting what they want from me always jilt me at the end. This was what happened in my previous relationships and till now, I haven't discover any man who will love me for who I am and not just attracted to my physical endowment. I want true love.

Enough of all the heartbreaks.

Please come to my aid or any useful advice you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks!.

NB: This article is only based on fiction. Hence, the picture used was for illustrational purpose.

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Top Comments
IncredibleHulk · 06/29/2020
Sorry you hear. Embark on a 3 days fasting and prayer am sure you go see who is behind your matter.
AdeshinaGbenga_02 · 06/29/2020
how there you bringing Google question to audience,,

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