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Father advises little daughter to carry textbooks and cheat inside the exam hall when she grows up

Guadar 06/24/2020

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Nigerians have come out on their social media to react about a father who was spotted in a viral video encouraging his daughter to indulge in exam malpractice when she grows up.

In the video, he advises his daughter to learn how to sneak in textbooks and other malpractice items known as micro chips into the examination hall. With this, she will pass in flying colors and excellent grades, he said.

According to the man’s narration, this was exactly what he did in his school days and it worked out for him well. Telling his daughter not to stress her brain in an exam hall trying to provide answers to questions she has never seen before.

After he reaffirmed his love for his daughter by telling her he loves her, he went on to say that is the reason he is giving her this best advice to help her in life.

What kind of love from a father to child is this isn’t he leading her astray already?

See the reactions of people below;

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