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WWE Rumor Roundup: Major Update On Ronda Rousey's Next WWE Appearance, Vince McMahon Gives Up On RAW

jibrilbabaahmed90 06/25/2020

In today's edition of the WWE Rumor Roundup, we take a look at the top stories of the day. From Ronda Rousey's return to the backstage reaction to Kevin Owens not working on RAW, we have it all covered in one place!

Before we get to the news about Kevin Owens, Edge, and Cesaro, let is get past the two headline-makers of the day:

Major update on Ronda Rousey's next WWE appearance

Ronda Rousey has been off WWE TV since WrestleMania 34 and is rumored to be interested in making a come back. However, things do not seem set right now and her next appearance could be in 2021!

Wrestling Observer Newsletter report that Rousey will not be making a return to the WWE ring at least until WrestleMania next year. They added that it is just a tentative timeline and there is a chance of her not returning then as well.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that we probably won’t see Ronda Rousey again until at least WrestleMania next year, and maybe not even then.

While Rousey is off TV, the other Superstars would be hoping that she gets proper training in this gap. Nia Jax confirmed recently that she complained about Rousey being dangerous in the ring. She said:

Yes, it was Ronda. I do not think she took liberties, I think things happen. She came into the scene and she really didn’t get the proper WWE training that I was able to get at the Performance Center. So she had to learn things on the fly and her instinct is MMA/UFC fighting, so her instinct is to go somewhere different than where our instincts tell us where to go in the ring if that makes sense.

Rumors suggested that Rousey will be returning to face Becky Lynch but The Man is also on a break now.

Vince McMahon gives up on WWE RAW Superstar

Shayna Baszler's time on Monday Night RAW has not been as planned for her as she is no longer in the title picture. It seemed as if she was bound to snatch the WWE RAW Women's Championship from Becky Lynch at WrestleMania but that too did not happen.

Now, reports suggest that Vince McMahon has given up other push. A recent report on Cageside Seats read:

“There’s talk that Vince McMahon soured on Shayna Baszler and she isn’t getting the push that was previously planned for her.”

Dave Meltzer recently spoke about her absence from WWE TV and said:

“As far as her not being around there’s kinda no reason for her to be around because the program was Asuka and Nia Jax. The next program is going to be Charlotte Flair. At some point, Shayna was going to be back in that mix, but it wasn’t going to be right now.”
“Her not being on TV may just be — keep her off TV so somebody doesn’t try to beat her when they don’t need to beat her if you know what I mean, because we still want to do something with her down the line.”

Edge busts rumor about WWE Backlash match

After Edge and Randy Orton fought in the Greatest Wrestling Match ever at WWE Backlash, there were rumors that it was shot in parts and it took hours for it to be complete. Those rumors have been put to rest now by WWE's Rated R Superstar himself.

Talking on Busted Open Radio, Edge said that it was shot at one go and never in parts over 7-8 hours. He also had a go at the people who were complaining about it and said:

"We had Backlash and I was happy with how that turned out. Contrary to the experts, it was not taped over seven or eight hours, it was once, straight through, and then we did four pick-up shots. I've seen people complain about the (under the rope) shot of the DDT. That's a total of two seconds, if that ruined the entire match for you then you have bigger issues.
I get it, everyone needs something to complain about, but that was a huge test to see where I'm really at in this new incarnation of how I want to wrestle going forward."

Cesaro explains why is John Cena 'underrated'

John Cena is easily one of the best ever to step in the WWE ring. All the WWE legends have praised him over the year but no one has ever called him underrated, until now. Cesaro claims that the 16-time WWE Champion's in-ring ability. in well known to all but is still remains underrated.

Talking on WWE The Bump, he said:

“John Cena is one of the top 5 Superstars of all time. His work ethic is second to none. His in-ring ability, I think, is absolutely amazing and everybody knows that and I think it is still underrated. He taught me so much coming to WWE. He was one the guys [who] was there full-time. He was in every live event, every pay-per-view, every RAW, every SmackDown. He is an inspiration. He told me once you are only as good your last match and I always kind of live [with] a similar mindset.”

Cena was last seen in WWE at WrestleMania when he took on Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Fun House match.

Backstage reaction to Kevin Ownes not working on WWE RAW

Kevin Owens has not been on Monday Night RAW as he has decided to take a break because of the COVID-19 situation. He has decided against working after a talent in the Performance Centre tested positive for the virus and did not want to put his family at a risk.

Talking about WWE's reaction to him not working, Owens told on WWE The Bump:

“Due to the circumstances that happened over the last week there, with... the positive coronavirus test that happened in the company, I thought it was just wiser for me to stay with my family... I told the people in charge my decision, and they didn’t even flinch, they were like, ‘Yeah, okay,’ and that’s it.
There’s no pushback, I mean I don’t think they’d push back on anybody, but also they know once I make my mind up [about] something , that’s kinda the way it’s gonna be, and they were respectful of my decision. And I’m glad I took it because I think it was the best thing to do for my family.”

Owens is not the only top WWE Superstar to take a break because of the Coronavirus situation. Roman Reigns has also been off WWE TV since March.

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