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The True Biblical Story Of Fallen Angels And Their Fates.


A lot has been heard about fallen angels. Many narrate the story as tales without biblical support to ascertain the truth behind it. In fact, some mix them up with demons operating all over the world. In the course of this article, the readers will be made to understand that, the fallen angels never had any intimacy with Satan before their exits from heaven. 

 In fact, many years before they left the heaven, Satan was already operating on earth after taking over the administration of the world from Adam.

Origin : From the biblical view, the fallen angels originated from heaven. They had their specific portfolios before coming down to the earth - Gen. 6 : 1 - 5.  

Their population

Bible does not tell us the number of the angels involved in such plan.      

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Their migration

Satan was not in the heaven to have masterminded their migration from heaven. Bible says that, those angels were attracted by the beauty of the ladies on earth ; they decided to abandon their positions in heaven to get married to the ladies on earth - Gen. 6 : 1 - 2 ; Jude 1 : 6.

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Contrary to some opinions, they left heaven peacefully for the purpose of achieving their missions on earth. They did not cause an uproar in heaven not to talk of hauling them to the earth.

Their activities on earth

On getting to the earth, they transformed themselves to men and did not waste time to get married to the daughters of men on earth. That means, some women in those days were married to strangers without strictness to know their origins. God was not happy about that development.

Wickedness on the earth

Men of angelic nature can not perfectly mash human nature. That combination produced children that were giants. By the influence of their extra large statures, common people were being oppressed ; the magnitudes of their evils were part of the reasons why God destroyed the first world with flood in Noah's days - Gen. 6 : 4 - 7.

Their reactions to Noah's flood

When Noah's flood started, many creatures that breathed through nostrils were drowned to death. In order to save their lives, the angelic men had to quickly transform themselves into their original form.

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Their arrest

While returning into the heaven, God ordered their arrest ; and they were imprisoned in a thick dark enclosure - 2 Peter 2 : 4. Many Christians lack the history of these spirits, that is why they command them blindly without results.

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Their fates

They shall be arraigned for condemnation on the judgment day - Jude 1 : 6. God shall assign some of His Saints to judge them ; not only that, to also sentence them into the lake of fire - 1 Corth. 6 : 3.

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Therefore, the fallen angels are not around as many claim ; they are different from demons. They have been arrested to remain dormant for eternal doom. If God could deal with erred angels that way without consideration for a second chance, we need to be grateful to God for His love to mankind. Sinners should at this time see themselves lucky and appropriate God's grace by the repentance of sins.

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The Lord Jesus awaits you for mercy as you invite Him to your life - Rev. 3 : 20.

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Common people are been oppress The magnitude of evils.

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