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I Want To Will All My Property To Whom Wishes To Marry Me[FICTION]

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I Want To Will All My Property To Whom Wishes To Marry Me FICTION

45 years old Nigeria lady identify as ayo ogundagara, from Lagos state Nigeria.

Who happened to be business woman, has make promise that she is going to will all is promise to who ever marry her.

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Since have stated dating, man's always turn me down and take my money away but if you pass my test I will give you all the property

My property worth 20 billion naira.

My test goes down below

1.he must not try cheating on me because I have a licence gun, so I will kill you

2.he must be able to satisfy me on bed

3.he should be ready to wash my children clothes and every home work

4.he must be indoor unless I want to send him on errand.

5.he must love me more than his mother

6.he should divorce all his family

Then I will my property to my husband

What do you think of this proposal, coming from a lady?

Share your thoughts down below in the comment section.

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Top Comments
SundayNweke_07 · 07/24/2020
I want to ask. are you the only lady in this world
+234-806254**** · 07/22/2020
I will married you
+234-0813051**** · 07/22/2020
GUEST_ADNo92eeY · 07/21/2020
what the heal u think u HV?

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