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N-Power: SSCE holders should check these categories before they apply.

Ubasezone 06/29/2020

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Many SSCE holders have been asking several questions if they can apply for the enrollment of the batch C of N-Power beneficiaries.

 Read the categories below and know where you fall in.

 N-Power is categorized into five levels according to your qualification, which are explained below.

1. N-Power Agro: This category is for University graduates in B.Agric, Animal Science, Soil Science, Forestry, Wildlife and Agricultural Extension can apply for N-Power Agro. Such certificate are BSc. and HND.

2. N-Power tax: This category are for applicants who read Accounting, Economics and Banking and Finance. Such certificate are BSc. and HND.

3. N-Power Health: This category are for applicants who studied Medical Health, and Laboratory Science in University or College of Health and Technology. Such certificate are BSc. and HND, Diploma and Degree are relevant in the field.

N-Power Build (SSCE) holders: This is the way out for SSCE holders. They should check the categories very well before they apply. If you are in the categories above, then you can apply, but if you are not in any of the categories then you will be disqualified.

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Top Comments
Ibrahimdahiru · 07/1/2020
I'm in ssce but I apply agro
SagirNuhu · 06/30/2020
what about people that have a.b.u diploma
YusufYahaiYuske · 06/30/2020
god bless us
AdeKem · 06/30/2020
all this write-up na fake

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