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How to Avoid Mistakes in N-Power Registration

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For those of you who want to register for N-Power, the following information will help you:

1. The password is not your email password. You will create a new password. Make sure you don't use your name or phone number as password. Somebody else can easily access your account and harm you. Use a password that is unique and known by you alone. But never you forget your password. 

2. Make sure the information you are going give them correspond with what you have in your BVN. This is the most important aspect of N-Power registration. Please if you don't remember the information contained in your BVN, do not register yet, go to your bank and ask for BVN printout.

3. If you are using SSCE to apply, read the information very. There are packages that are for SSCE, like NBuild, NTech Software, NBuild Hardware etc. 

4. The site is going at the moment. https://npower.fmhds.gov.ng

You can start with your smart phone. If you are the type that has the soft copy of your credentials in your phone, you can even use your phone to do everything. But if can not do it yourself, go to cyber cafe. 

5. ANOTHER WARNING: Make sure the cyber cafe person gives N-Power the right information. MONITOR HIM OR HER CLOSELY. This period, they will be over busy which might lead to mistakes. Their concern is their money, they don't care whether you get the job or not. 

6. Ask questions where are you confused. Avoid mistakes. 

I wish you all the best. 

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TundeAjibade_02 · 06/30/2020
I have been facing some problem because I want to select LGA that is IBSW it don't allow me to choose Ward and it's required, Pls any info concerning dis.

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