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Why Charles Awuzie Is Wrong To Confront Bishop Oyedepo, Others; Even Daddy Freeze Learnt Lesson Late

Creativitys 06/25/2020

Charles Awuzie is a Nigerian Pastor based in South Africa. He is the CEO of Gemsbok Group Pty. Ltd. He is followed by several thousands of people on social media for his inspiring micro blogs on issues of Spirituality and faith, relationships and marriages, life and death.

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Recently, the self acclaimed Evangelist has been making waves on the social media due to his controversial pick against major pastors based in Nigeria. It all started with disagreement on the payment of tithes when Bishop Oyedepo claimed Christians need to pay Tithes to unlock financial breakthrough.

The founder of Living Faith Church, Bishop Oyedepo had in one of his messages which is being circulated online told his church members that the reason Job suffered losses was because he was not a tither. He said to the church that there was no single place where Job was recorded to have paid tithe. While noting that Job gave to the poor, he said because he did not tithe he did not enjoy God’s protection. He later concluded that tithes will always open door for massive financial blessings.

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However, this does not go well with Charles Awuzie who came out to critise the pastor. I'm not saying he shouldn't voice his opinion but that should be done in an orderly manner. It is a show of barbarianism for Charles Awuzie to insult Bishop David Oyedepo just because he doesn't agree with his statement on tithing. 

Even if Charles Awuzie is right about his opinion, he could have expressed his without insulting the Man of God. This makes me doubt his words except he wants some fame by attacking the men of God in Nigeria. He was based in Abuja before leaving for South Africa in search of better life, he established a church over there which is not even making impact and yet has so much nerves to be insulting men of God here who has made a large impact.

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Getting fame through a man who is old enough to be his father and insulting him diminish the questionable life of Charles Awuzie who present himself as the perfect preacher, a reformer. He speaks against spiritual gifts because he is not gifted. He is forcing himself to Limelight on social media platforms that's why he is attacking his fellow pastors to get more mirage followers . What has he achieved all the years he has been living in South Africa?

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He was also noticed quite ago for debunking Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's sermon on Masturbation. Does it means everyone is getting it wrong? Or he is in the right position to be instructing who were there before him?. If he is not contended with their teachings, he could at least voice out his opinion without making reference to this men if God

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He did not stop at dragging the two former pastors alone, he went ahead to publicly call out Apostle Suleiman over the reported jet he purchased. Purchasing of jet too is biblical doctrine that he needs to correct or is it his personal property?. How comes he finds delight in dragging Nigerian Pastors at any opportunity available.

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He needs enough time to grow his ministry and yet poking into another man's business. We could hear of his opinion on tithes and masturbation, but how does Apostle Suleiman's spending concerns him.

I hope he won't regret this later. The precious time he is investing in publicising about another man's business can be invested in his ministry. If he invests such time in his ministry, he might as well make impact rather than looking for cheap publicity by tapping fame from other men of God. Because I know he will get tired sooner or later

You would recall that this was how the City FM OAP, Daddy Freeze started. He was heard publicly criticising the men of God. He has gotten the fame he was looking for but where is he now?. He has learnt his lesson, and therefore staying low without speaking anyhow against the men of God. In recent time even, he was seen supporting men of God including Pastor Adeboye he was once debunking.

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Daddy Freeze was one of the first to speak on behalf of Leke Adeboye when called out for his dressing. The OAP came out to defend the man of God, this is after he saw that it was gainless to keep dragging men of God

What's your opinion on this? Do you think Charles Awuzie is taking the right step? Kindly drop your comments in the comments section as this will go a long way in helping me understand better

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Top Comments
FrankNezien_02 · 06/25/2020
Nigerians don't like d truth which is always bitter that is why d country is more or less a zoo, pickup is Bible and juxtapose d points he has made against these mammom preachns, I don't tnk in anyway insulted of these prosperity mongers. Jesus rebuked d Pharisee and saducees for misrepresentations of d word of God
DominicUmosen · 06/25/2020
big men of God that people worship instead of God. they are considered infallible and above the law. God is not sleeping
+234-815765**** · 06/25/2020
Charles Awuzie is 100% right. i used to worship the ground that Oyedepo walk on but now I know better. i have come to the realization that not every word that proceeds from the mouth of Oyedepo is from God. Oyedepo can make mistake. imagine Oyedepo saying that Job suffered financial hardships because Job did not pay tithe. is that not blasphemy?
JohnIdoko_03 · 06/25/2020
there is nothing wrong with what Charles said. d problem is d gullible blind followers of these fake men of God, who are not serving God but are after their belly. cunning men as apostle paul described them in his letter to d Church in Ephesus. dis men deceive the simple minded one n make merchandise of them. because of these fake men of God who are after earthly prosperity, d way of d truth is being reviled today.... they r robbers in d house of God faking miracles n robbing worshipers using the name of God. their judgment will soon come and they will not escape.

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