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Obaseki Stays Victorious Through The Crucible Of Political Realities

BabatExpressions 06/25/2020

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Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo state

Crucible is a situation of severe trial, that bring into play the interaction of different elements, which will eventually lead to the emergence of something new. This can be perfectly place into the context of the current political realities in Edo state, that has Governor Godwin Obaseki as its object of attention, and on whom all the interplays and manoeuverings of political realities were/are targeted. The issue of contention is Obaseki's desire for a second term ticket to contest an election; but despite the intensity of the political temperature that emitted within the short space of time it lasted, Obaseki came out victorious. All thank to the formidable compromising ability of the PDP members in Edo state, who though have their personal interest, were willing to put it aside for the overall good of the Edo people.

But, must Obaseki have a second term in Office? What is the significance of Obaseki insisting on getting a second term ticket? The fact is, Obaseki is constitutionally guaranteed a second term ticket/in office, except he willingly decides to go rest himself, or he had performed abitrarilly in his first term. And since none of these can be found with Obaseki, he should have a second term, to complete and to continue with the good work (comparatively to others before him) he has started.

Having, escape the coup by the APC, that was eagerly executed by Adams Oshiomhole, Obaseki had only one reliable option (the PDP) left to him as a platform to execute his desired second term; the PDP whose chances of accepting new folks from the out was almost closed. But with some advanced political negotiation, the PDP got its window opened enough to accommodate Obaseki and his deputy Philip Shuaibu who had both resigned from the APC, following APC mild success against them, in the Oshiomhole's supoervised intra-party's coup. And Obaseki was accepted into the PDP with the necessary waiver given to afford him the chance to participate in the party's primaries election, that will give him the ticket to fly the party's flag in the Edo2020 election. With this arrangement, it is either Obaseki get the PDP's ticket or he becomes unable to contest the election. And though there are several other political parties on whose platform he can contest the election; but those parties are minor political parties that lack the political structure to drive a successful state election campaign. So, it becomes a situation of a devastating defeat staring at Obaseki, should he be denied the PDP's ticket.

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Thus, the PDP moved the date for its primaries from 19-20 June to 25 June. So while Obaseki was yet to recover from his success of going through the political furnace heaved against him by the APC, one of the governorship aspirants in the PDP, Ogbeide Ihama, went to the Federal High Court, Port Harcourt, ably sponsored by Governor Onyesom Wike, to stop Obaseki from accessing the PDP's ticket. This was and will remain one of the big surprise-manoeuvering in the Nigerian political sphere. Even Obaseki's adversaries were touch by this development and turn around to give their sympathy to him. The issue of contention was about the arrangement of who to field as the deputy to Obaseki under the PDP's ticket. While Obaseki wants to go with his current deputy, some interest within the PDP wanted to nominate a deputy for him. Ordinarily this shouldn't have been a problem, being that Obaseki and his deputy, Philip Shuaibu who had been in the battle with Oshiomhole together, had joined the PDP, making them now PDP members. But those who had held the party together in its trying time needed a more concession, before they could allow Obaseki/Shuaibu ticket under the PDP.

The beauty of this entire intrigue that placed Obaseki in the most threatening crucible of political reality, was the manner in which the political uncertainty that was created, quickly melted into a renewed political certainty with new hope and zeal by the initially contending parties. Thus giving Obaseki another victory over realistic political travail.

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AnthonyAkpa · 06/25/2020
congratulations my dear governor carry go on October we are there

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