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FG lifts ban on school re-opening

Topclassnews 06/29/2020

The government has finally lifted the ban on school resumption, though only the classes that are preparing for examinations are allowed, those are the primary 6, junior secondary school 3, and senior secondary school 3.(pri 6, jss3 and ss3) due to thier common entrance, junior waec and waec and necl examinations respectively.

The remaining classes are to remain closed till further notice. The chairman of the joint task force Boss Mustapha announced this on Monday June 29, in the briefing he said that face masks must be worn and the students must wash hands before entering the school premises.

This ban has locked down schools since march, disrupting the education of the youth, but effort has been made to ease the ban. Hopefully the other classes will be able to resume next month.

Though there have been some speculations about the country going on another lockdown, though it has not yet been approved. Is the Federal government right for opening the schools evn when our number of cases are not decreasing? Ensure to comment your opinion about the controversial question.


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