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If You Know Anyone With Staphylococcus And Gonorrhea, This Herb is For The Person

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There are many diseases that can be treated effectively with herbs. Most herbs are more effective than chemical drugs. Most times, Nigerians often neglect the importance of herbs because they don't know its medicinal value.

Herbs are always cheap and doesn't cost much like chemical drugs. They also don't have adverse effects on the body.

Some of the diseases we use herbs to cure are staphylococcus, gonorrhea and so on. These are deadly infections that need serious attention.

We can use herbs to treat these two infections which are staphylococcus and gonorrhea. Below is how to prepare a herbal mixture that can treat staphylococcus and gonorrhea.

If you know anyone with staphylococcus and gonorrhea, this herb is for the person.

Ingredients needed to prepare the herbal mixture.

1) Garlic.

2) Guava leaves.

3) Moringa leaves.

4) Moringer seed.

5) Ginger.

6) Turmeric.

7) pawpaw leave

8) Aloe Vera.

Here is how to produce the herbal mixture.

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Endeavour to rinse the above ingredients very well and slice them into tiny sizes. Make sure you put all of them into a neat container and heat it up until it starts boiling. Allow it to boil for about 50 minutes.

Lastly, bring down the container and ensure that it cools down.

This is how to drink the herbal mixture.

This herbal mixture is taken twice in a day. The first one is taken very early in the morning before breakfast and the second one is taken at night.

This herbal mixture should be taken for about 7 days to ensure that all the effects of staphylococcus and gonorrhea have disappeared.

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Top Comments
+254-071035**** · 06/25/2020
this one is the solution to this problem
GUEST_905koKNbM · 07/17/2020
very well then, can the rest leftover been taking for all week or you will have to prepare another for other day?
KingsleyOnokpite_01 · 10/1/2020
thank you for bringing this to my attention,I have looking for someone to help me with the herb
MonteeChineduNwobi · 08/20/2020
please is it what quantity to be taken every morning & night (is..one glass, 1/2glass,one shot etc).

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