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3 Important Things To Avoid When Texting A Girl, Guys Please Take Note!

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At last, you have the confidence to ask for the number of that girl, right? Now you're very focused on texting her and stirring some desire to go on a date or make her like you, but you know you 're making a little or a stupid mistake when you're writing a girl that might be a real turn off and all your efforts might end up wasting. You text a girl and between you guys things start going nice and cool maybe you even have a feeling that she's already in you then, boom! She started replying to your messages all of a sudden and you wonder where the question may have emanated or come up.

I will share 3 Important Rules to Follow While Texting A Girl with you in this Post.

1.Don't Text Like Other Regular Guys:

Many guys start asking her questions like "Hey, how was your day?" or "What are you doing?" or even "Have you eaten?" after having a girl's phone. You continue asking questions again and again until you just wear her out and she avoids answering your email. Why don't you be a bit mysterious and step up your game to make sure that every single text you send her lightens her eyes and distinguishes you from other guys who wallow in her DM?

Here are some examples of how it might be done;

This is my favorite, I just randomly text a girl like this "Hey! I'm bored willing to go and rob a bank?."Someone who sees such a text will feel that this guy is so hilarious and has to be a nice person, so if you build on that text, she will certainly play along and you will open so many doors with that easy and short text. The key point here is to avoid asking her questions and turning you game into something new and unique.

2. Don't Discuss Too Many Intimate Issues Over Text:

If you talk to a girl about so many intimate issues over text and finally set a date to meet her in person, I assume it would be the most boring date ever since you guys had to address every intimate issue about text that couldn't really spark interest because she wasn't there with you physically. I assume the main aim of the text is to set dates when you're actually talking when you're physically meeting people.

Make sure you try your best not to waste all of your interesting or intimate texting discussions.

3. Don't attach Too much Importance To Texting A Girl (Have a purpose in life):

Some guys almost get mad when a girl doesn't answer a text or when the message has been left on a read receipt, most of the time it happens that the girl is probably busy or off to somewhere. Why don't you have anything else to do, and stop looking at your phone waiting for it to answer.

If you're working in an office or you're a student after you've put down your phone and faced other important issues in your life. I'll always say, never let a girl be your reason in life because no girl would want to connect with you if you don't have a reason. Doing this is very healthy and it helps a lot because she would have already answered your text most times when you pick up your phone when you're less busy.

If the article is very helpful and interesting, follow me for more interesting tips and put your comments in the box below to give a review of the article.

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GUEST_m6XkGeYZV · 06/30/2020
i love the article. It has really enlightened me especially about attaching much importance to texting a girl. I have long been a victim to this
Çìty-ßwøyÇ · 07/8/2020
So interested
+254-74837**** · 07/5/2020
good one
AdsonHazard · 07/4/2020

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