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On 4th July, All churches, Markets And Businesses Should Be Close Down (View)

Dailyheadline 06/29/2020

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The Federal Government Of Nigeria previously suspended all religious activities, markets and some businesses within the country. This suspension was as a result of the recent pandemic disease that entered the country.

The suspension was prepared in direct to manage the smear of the disease contained by the country. Later, the matching centralized rule reopened every single one pious activities, markets and businesses.

Since the reopening of churches, mosques, markets and other businesses, the digit of fixed luggage of the disease has been ever-increasing and this is flattering an issue.

On 4th July, the complete Churches, Markets And Businesses be supposed to Be close Down (View).

In my own view, I will advise that on 4th July, the entire churches, markets and businesses must be clogged down. This is as it will facilitate to reduce the amount at which this disease is ravaging the country.

Churches and Mosques must be having their meetings online bit other businesses be supposed to be congested down.

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