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Misplacement of Priorities - Nigerians Ridicule NBA For Threatening Lasisi Elenu Over Lawyer Skits

vitalgist 06/29/2020

Popular Nigerian comedian, Lasisi Elenu, has warmed his way into the hearts of many with the reinvention of his comedy skits. From the initial angry, ranting character, Lasisi has now delved into acts that involve several other characters and situations.

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Source: 1stnews

The internet sensation has quickly grown to become a favourite among Nigerians. However, one major character the comedian plays has been the subject of fan love and popular support for a while now.

This involves his skits on typical law proceeding in Nigerian courtrooms. The skits see him play the character of 'Atomic Bomb,' a Nigerian lawyer who gets angry at the slightest provocation and uses illogical vocabulary.

While Lasisi has given many some good laugh with his creativity, not everyone sees the humour in it. This comes as the Assistant National Publicity Secretary of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA), Habeeb Lawal, Esq, took to Twitter to call out the comedian over his skits.

He tweeted: "Dear @lasisielenu, We've been tagged! We beg to use you as a point of reference to all other comedians. Lawyers have awesome sense of humour, as such we enjoy your jokes & appreciate the creativity.

"However, if you must represent our profession in your works kindly ensure you properly adorn the wig, bip & gown. We acknowledge your right of expression, but NOTE that we also reserve the rights to take all NECESSARY steps to guide against the ridicule of our noble profession and @NigBarAssoc shall not hesitate to exercise those rights."

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Source: Twitter

Some have tried to excuse the tweet noting that it is all sarcasm, however, most people are not taking that as an excuse seeing that Lawal tagged the Nigerian Bar Association in his tweet.

Here are reactions from those who saw Lawal's tweet as immature:

@Baldilocks__, "But..but.. permit me my lord if i may...I don't want to be too forward in your court but don't you think it's actions like yours, not Lasisi', that actually ridicule the law profession? It makes people think you guys are jobless."

@Inexx__, "Of all pressing matters needing thorough legal steps, na Lasisi matter dey bother una."

@meettherichard, "You say Lasisi ridicules your profession as a lawyer, and as such, you have every right to take legal steps, lmao. If everything he does in his skits aren't realities then why get triggered? Oga koshi ko ara e danu."

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Do you think the NBA's interest in Lasisi's skits is a misplacement of priorities?

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