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The Only Truth Some Pastors Won't Like To Tell Their Church Members(opinion)

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. As churches are under lockdown with other public places which are still under lockdown, some pastors have refused to tell their members one thing they need to know. Some of them may not tell their members the truth because of money, I didn't say is all pastors, do this because of money but I said some pastors.

Now how many times has your pastor told you to pray from home during this sit at home, some of them won't tell you to pray at home because they know if you didn't come to church they won't get money? Another some pastors can't tell you that God is everywhere and He will answer your prayers if you pray from home. Some people can't even believe this thing that am saying, maybe they are pastors or their father is a pastor or even their brother is a pastor and they benefit from them too.

Am not against, you praying inside the church but you need to tell yourselves the truth, let me just ask you a question if you wake up in the morning do you go to church to do your morning prayers? You only do it at home with your loved ones. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

If you are also going to sleep at night, do you first go to church to pray because you are going to sleep? No, you do it at home also with your loved ones.

Don't God recognise that one? Or must he recognize the ones you said at the church? This is some things your pastors can't tell you or let you know but it is true. So see the period we are into, go to church when everything is over and asks your pastors some questions. This is my humble opinion all these things I said is the only truth I know so pastors won't like to tell their members if you have anything to say let's hear it and please am not against anyone in any way. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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Top Comments
+234-803580**** · 06/25/2020
This is a nonesense write-up. There is a corporate anointing when Christians gather together. See how myopic you are, so when Pastors clamour for Church opening, so it means it is because of money? How long will you continue this Satanic Propagandas?
O.Emesiri · 06/26/2020
What is wrong if they do it for money? We need it to get going.
TienieRupping · 06/25/2020
how many pasters go into the world and make disiples of all nations if you preace and pray you are not saving souls the streets is the saving off souls

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