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Men, Don't Marry A Lady Who Has Any Of These 4 Qualities (PHOTOS)

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1. Don't marry a lazy girl

As a man, you have no right to marry a lazy girl, it is never acceptable. Any woman you must marry must be a woman that is a hard worker, she must be willing to help you in all areas : On bed, Financially and spiritually. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, be careful before you marry. If you get into a wrong hand, you are finished.

2. Don't marry a girl who does not dress responsibly

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Don't ever make the mistake of marrying a girl that dresses anyhow in public. As a man, make sure you marry a lady that someone will see on the road and call a wife not someone that will constantly be showcasing her self to the world.

3. Don't marry a girl that is too worldly

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Any girl that likes anything that comes out new should not be married, any girl that always wants the latest apple phone, the latest clothes, the latest shoes etc should not be married.

Men be careful because this sort of ladies can make you poor for ever, they could even make you turn to a begger within one year of your marriage.

4. Don't marry a girl who cannot cook

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As a man when you go to work and come back at night, you will surely need food. But what if your wife prepared nothing. How will you feel.

Before marrying any girl, make sure she is a good cook and a type that is always willing to be in the kitchen.

If you don't access these things before marrying a lady, you might have a nightmare period in your marriage. Men, try to access these things in a lady before marriage.

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+234-0810314**** · 06/29/2020
You are 💯% right
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ladies you get it?
GUEST_dzjPMWgJl · 07/16/2020
Good advice to all
GUEST_dzjPMWgJl · 07/16/2020
perfect one

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