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Wednesday Night Prayers: O God, Open My File Tonight

Warrinewsupdate 06/24/2020

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When God opened the file of Mordecai, The scripture said, " and that Night the King, Ahaserus could not sleep" what has been done for Mordecai, for all his efforts in life, to better his life?

The next day, Modecai was honoured, promoted and favour by the king.

It was God that opened his file to better and upgrade his life.

Prayers and Supplication and Thanksgiving:

Father, I thank and worship you for your faithfulness and loving -kindness, thank you for all your benefits towards me and my family, for protection and provision, receive all the Glory

Lord, let your Rich mercy redeem and save me from my sin's and failings in life. Forgive me my wrongs in life.

Sweet Holy Spirit, reign in my life, dwell in me and instruct me tonight

Lord, As I sleep tonight, open the file of my destiny and Remember me for good.

Let the breaking of the day, bring me goodness, favour, promotion and success in life, as you open my file tonight

Lord, the helpers of my destiny, those in position to help me in life, give them sleepless night, trouble their hearts, let them have no rest until they locates and help me

Lord, as I sleep tonight, protect me and my family, let your Angels keep watch over me and let my sleep be sweet and peaceful

I cover myself and family with the Blood of Jesus

Thank you, Lord, for prayer answer, I worship you,



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Top Comments
GUEST_PRV5g7R6L · 06/24/2020
Amen Dear Lord thank you for opening my file and upgrading my life for your honour and glory.Thank you for the job in Syria
AgnessTembo_05 · 06/25/2020
StellaEbiye · 06/24/2020
GUEST_VNXLGL4wX · 06/24/2020

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