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If You Want to Start and Keep Making Sales in Your Business, Then Take A Look at these Guidelines

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Before you read any further, please may I inform you that what you feed what feeds you. And through this way you will never run out of sales.

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Ones' ability to know where his meal comes from and to keep fattening the cow, ensures he will never be out of food. Business is about feeding what feeds you. You need to take care of the system, the structure and the process which in turn takes care of you.

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An important aspect of any business is sales. Sales entails been able to keep the cash flow in an increasing state. In other to do this, you must take care of the clients that bring in the cash. Understand the clients pleas, understand their unseen needs, understand what makes them happy and do them.

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The aim of sales is to keep the customer locked on to you by any means possible because if the customer locks on to someone else, you have lost the market. Get the customer to keep coming back.. How?

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1. Waow him. 

2. Take care of his unknown needs. 

3. Treat him like a VIP.

4. Give warranty on products purchased from you.

5. Have a cash back guarantee system should in case your product fails.

6. Remember your customers special days and make them feel special on those days. Craft personalized messages for them on their birthdays, anniversaries, child dedications and any other special day.

Action : 

1. Identify your customers, treat them well. 

2. Identify your most important customers (those 20% that generate 80% of your revenue), treat them special.

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Whatever you do, always craft out modalities to ensure that your customer finds it difficult to buy from someone else. Then the market is yours.

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