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Because I Know You Are Missing Hushpuppi's Private Jet Pictures, Dr. Ola Brown Mocks

Julian. 06/26/2020

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Dr.Ola Brown has taken to her social media platforms to post photos of herself in her private jet which she uses for Business purposes and used a mocking caption in line with the recently arrested internet fraudster Hushpuppi.

The caption read;

"BecauseI know you are missing Hushpuppi's private jet pishures"

This is to say that since the arrest of Hushpuppi, people will no longer see his exuberant display of wealth on social media platforms as usual, so she's here to entertain them all.

Very funny, but she said so.

In the post she posted these two photos of herself in her private jet View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Olamide Orekunrin popularly Dr.Ola Brown is a British-Nigerian medical doctor and Managing director of Flying Doctors Nigeria; a charity based in Lagos, Nigeria

The 34 years young doctor is excelling in her field having introduced the new method of attending to patients in their homes, she attends to very prominent people in the country, like commissioners, ministers etc. 

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
Gorgeous!!!! · 06/27/2020
Ride on girl the Sky is ur stepping Stone. This is what we re talking about honest genuine earning even if u do under G at the side he without blemishes should cast the first Stone
Rolexx · 06/28/2020
Lolz 🤣 enjoy yourself jare
+234-0806015**** · 06/27/2020
but this Dr. Ola no be from Biafra. methink na only biafraud dem get sense. 🤓🤓
+234-803335**** · 06/27/2020
Yea. Prosperity without sorrow. This is the Hallmark of true wealth without troubles. Proverbs 10:24; The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and he added no sorrow. Congratulations Doctor

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