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3 Reasons Why Schools Will Not Reopen in July [OPINION]

WisdomUzo 06/29/2020

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The clamour and agitation for school resumption looks like it's falling on deaf ears but there are good reasons why the Federal Government has not reacted yet. Most Nigerians especially students have been calling for the government to reopen schools so that they can go back to their studies.

So, I'm going to share my opinion regarding the current trend i.e. concerning the resumption of schools and the reasons why Schools will not Reopen in July. Just stay put and read this article carefully as it's going to be of importance to you.

Below are the 3 Reasons Why Schools Will Not Reopen in July;

1. Poor Implementation of the Preventive Measures by Schools: as we all can recall, the NCDC dished out some instructions to Institutions concerning the preventive measures to be put in place to curb the spread of the Coronavirus. But because of the poor compliance by most Nigerian schools, it will be impossible for schools to reopen next month being July. Students should prepare to stay at a home till August or even more.

2. Absence of Temporary Isolation centre in schools: this fully applies to high institutions as many of them despite the instructions given to them by NCDC concerning the establishment of a "Temporary Isolation Centre" have failed to come up with that. This further means that the resumption of schools is still far away and not something any student should expect anytime soon.

The fact that it will be difficult for schools to set up temporary isolation centres accounts for the close to impossible truth that schools can't resume in the month of July.

3. Schools Will be a Very Easy Way for the Virus to Spread: honestly speaking, schools will be the easiest way for the max spread of the Coronavirus. If schools are reopened anytime soon, it will mean disaster for Nigeria as most students will test positive to the virus. It is therefore impossible for schools especially high institutions and populous secondary and primary schools from reopening in July.

Now the above points are the reasons why Schools cannot resume in July. It can resume later but certainly not good next month. Please tap the follow button and also share this article to your friends for more articles.

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