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5 Best Women's Finisher In WWE (And The 5 Worst)

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While some women in WWE deliver bone-crushingly devastating finishers, others are either underwhelming or immersion-breaking.

Finishing moves are a big deal in professional wrestling. Fans always tend to pop big when a Superstar delivers his or her finisher because, in most cases, that means the match is just about over.

However, in spite of their ability to get fans excited, not every finisher is created equal. Some finishers look better than others. When considering the entire WWE roster, there are a number of really strong finishing moves, and then there are some that are rather weak in comparison. Let's go through the five best and five worst finishers in WWE's Women's Division.


Worst: Naomi's Rear View

Might as well start things off with what might be one of the least impressive finishers for any current Superstar, male or female. Here's the bigger issue with this dud of a finisher: Naomi is constantly billed as one of WWE's most athletic females. Yet, for one reason or another, that's the only move they could concoct for her? She's a prime candidate to get a new move, but if they have not changed things up by now, will they ever?


Best: Sasha Banks' Bank Statement

Know which move fans love? Submission moves. As far as those moves go, Banks has herself one of the best in WWE. It's convincing, it looks legit, and it's delivered plenty of wins for the Legit Boss.

With Banks finally returning to WWE following SummerSlam 2019, complete with a new, nastier heel attitude, her punishing submission finisher should come in to play quite a bit for her in the coming weeks and months. She no doubt wants to wear the belt once again, and the Bank Statement can help her achieve that dream.


Worst: Bayley's Bayley To Belly

If a Superstar's go-to finishing move is used by plenty of other Superstars as just merely a move in their bag of tricks... that's not really helpful for getting fans to think that finisher is actually devastating.

Such is the case with the Bayley to Belly, which is, at its core, just a belly to belly suplex. Sure, Bayley has won plenty of matches with it, but it's not at all impressive. Considering the Superstar's admitted love of past icons like the Macho Man, perhaps WWE should have considered pushing her toward a Macho Elbow. Still not the most awe-inspiring move, but a bit better than what she's using now.


Best: Charlotte's Figure 8

How do you cook up a finisher for the daughter of wrestling royalty? You take her father's finisher and you tweak it, and you tweak it in such a way that really takes advantage of her natural talents and physical abilities.

The result? The Figure 8. To be honest, while others struggle to have one great finisher, Charlotte has a couple that could qualify—Natural Selection is pretty nice, too. But her go-to? That's the Figure 8, which is one of the best submission moves in WWE right now-men or women.


Worst: Ronda Rousey's Armbar

This one might not exactly be the worst, but let's elaborate. Yes, Ronda Rousey is an accomplished MMA fighter. She's well known for finishing a number of opponents with it in the blink of an eye.

So, why is it here as one of the worst? Because of how she's been delivering it to WWE Superstars, it just seems like it's not all that believable. Some of the tap-outs have happened before the move was even really locked in... which may be by design?. Maybe if it was sold or presented better, it would be more believable in a WWE ring. But, as it is, it's not good.


Best: Becky Lynch's Dis-Arm-Her

The Man has another strong-looking finisher, which is why she-and her move-make the cut. Anyone can observe her putting her opponents in the Dis-arm-her, and you can't help but think: "man, that looks painful."

That's the hallmark of a really strong finisher, isn't it? That fans can look at it and think "yep, that would really hurt," or "that had to really knock them out." With Lynch's move, fans can totally think that.


Worst: Alexa Bliss' Twisted Bliss

Little Miss Bliss is one impressive Superstar. One of, if not the shortest females WWE's ever had, she makes up for her lack of size with great charisma and athleticism.

Twisted Bliss isn't really that bad of a finisher. It's actually quite acrobatic, considering where she's doing the move from and what it entails. That being said, however, considering her diminutive nature, it's far from devastating. If a massive Superstar was doing that move? Maybe. If Alexa opted to make it like a 450 splash? Perhaps. It's nice to see, but it's not a great finisher.


Best: Ember Moon's Eclipse

How do you make a legendary finisher even better? You have an energetic young Superstar perform the same move, but while leaping off the top rope. That's exactly what we have with Ember Moon's Eclipse.

Take Steve Austin's Stone Cold Stunner-by itself, a simple yet awesome finishing move-and add in the leaping acrobatics that allows Moon to make it a move all her own. Since WWE fans first got to see it in NXT, the move has been both scintillating and devastating. It absolutely belongs on anyone's rankings of the best finishers in WWE today.


Worst: Nia Jax' Leg Drop

Nia Jax is an impressive Superstar, isn't she? She's easily the largest female Superstar, as well as the strongest. She's an imposing woman. Any move she delivers—her Samoan drop, a body slam, anything at all—has the ability to be quite devastating... or at least look like it would be.

Her finishing leg drop? Sure, it looks like it would hurt. That's not why it's one of the worst finishers. Nope, it qualifies as bad because it just lacks pop. It's not unique, it's not impressive. It's not awe-inspiring. Not disputing it could hurt, but here's hoping for something a little more original at some point for the Superstar.


Best: Kairi Sane's Insane Elbow

Here is an absolutely perfect example of what presentation can do for a finishing move. Kairi Sane is clearly not the biggest woman on the roster. She may be small, but she's a fierce fighter and she has a beautiful looking finisher.

The Insane Elbow lets the Pirate Princess fly from the top turnbuckle to deliver what appears to be a lethal, precision elbow onto her opponent. In spite of her small size, it's the whole package of her leap and her theatrics that just makes it look so punishing and well done. Sure, one could make a case for say, her partner's Asuka-lock or another move, but this one is truly a thing of beauty.

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