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6 Businesses You Can Start From Home Today In Nigeria That Will Be Giving You 100,000 Naira Monthly

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Running a home-based business or working from home has long been considered, especially in Africa. This assumption has slowly blinded many people to the great opportunities presented by some home businesses. The lack of information has kept millions in the dark and, as such, they continue life in their mostly annoying, disappointing and moderate and low-paying jobs again paying five jobs. With these factors still enveloping, they get it themselves, put pressure on themselves and hope for a better future, where they will get it.

"Better or higher paid work."

With thousands of people and possibly millions of people possibly reduced due to the economic recession caused in large part by the declining global value of crude oil currently found in Nigeria, many unfortunate people will find themselves at home for a long time. This forced suspension of work will open the minds of several people and motivate a couple to start thinking in a new direction.

Without the funds needed to rent an office to start a business, many would be forced to set up home businesses. Home businesses, if run properly and solve a real local problem, have become very focused African millionaires. While many people think and look for opportunities in the wrong places, many others make a lot of money from African home-based businesses. If you ask yourself questions like, "What will it take to start a home business in Nigeria?" or “What profitable home business can be started in Nigeria?”, read more.

Here are six (6) profitable home businesses you can start today in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world:

1). Dry cleaning and laundry:

Many people, especially in the increasingly busy working class, find it very difficult to make clothes for most of their outfits. This large population of constantly busy individuals manages to clean up the neighborhood to make clothes in their name. The possibility that people do not understand here is that the person who goes to the clothes house wears at least five pieces. Most small-scale dry cleaners receive more than 50 customers a day with different amounts of laundry. In a suitable environment and at the right price, most generate more than 45,000 Naira ($ 150) a day and reach more than 450,000 Naira ($ 1,500) a month. The bigger the market, the greater the possibility, and this can be directed 100% from your vicinity. Just rent a small store in your neighborhood and notify residents of your service. From an early age, over time you will grow to serve a wider community and possibly have multiple branches in different long-term neighborhoods. With proper planning, excellent customer service and proper execution, you will succeed. You can start today!

2). Advisory services:

Currently, web development, application development, social media marketing and many other consulting professions are mostly run at home by single people. This service department is gradually becoming a great home office style. With companies donating more of their projects, they are now mostly looking for professionals who don’t have great offices, but who run a strong execution and charge much less. For example, most advertising agencies in Nigeria use independent mobile and qualified application developers instead of providing external services to fully regulated companies that would charge an arm and a leg for the quality of service. which would benefit the indie developer. While counseling results in contracts not being contracted regularly, especially when they are executed, the consultant pays a lot of money, but much less than a standard company. These recurring incomes, even sometimes in just ten times a year, at an average overall rate, are basically more than double the monthly salary the individual would have earned working for a similar company that offers these services. Over time, your network will grow, followed by contracts and eventually your network. The most important skill anyone needs here is the ability to build strong networks. With a highly sought after unique skill, you can start today.

3). Sales at online marketplaces:

With different products, you can easily register in an online market like Konga, Jumia,

Opiid, Amazon and a few others to start selling your merchandise. The trick here is to identify a site that no one has really covered, get the items on the market for a good price and be in business. Some stores earn more than two hundred and forty thousand Naira ($ 800) a month. Some do less. But with the right amount of the right products, your revenue will grow faster each month, and in a given period of time, you could own your own ecommerce business with many products to grab the attention of anyone visiting the market. place. . Your Internet This home business is a great way for anyone who wants to start a standalone online store to get started. With the right items, you can start selling online today.

4). Daily care services:

Many working mothers need someone to take care of young and young children when they are not out of work. Many of them have problems trusting babysitters and prefer to find a local daycare in their neighborhood run by someone they trust. With many moms looking for an individual or home daycare service for their babies, you can turn your apartment into one and start paying child care fees when they disappear. . In the long run, you may eventually have day care or the usual small school for young children.

5). Independent writing:

With the proliferation of various online news and hot topic pages, freelance translators are getting more writing opportunities. Several online publishers pay individuals to write some unique articles for them, based on their highly skilled knowledge on the subject. To get started, do a study for online publishers who pay freelance writers for their contributions. Do your demographic research both locally and globally. With a portfolio of blogs with highly published intellectual content, you would access the first independent concert after a few passes, and as your portfolio was created, you would end up writing for various publishers.

6). Poultry farming

Thousands of tons of chickens and eggs are consumed every day in Nigeria. With the current availability of poultry products on the market, demand still exceeds supply. Several people and businesses have grown small poultry farms into large units that generate tens of millions each year. Even a former Nigerian president owns one of the largest poultry farms in Africa. With a small space in the backyard, you can start a small poultry farm and, over time, expand into larger plots. The potential of poultry farming can never be saturated. This home business is a business that will be extremely profitable if run properly. You can start today.

What ideas do you have for these business ideas in your home? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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