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Nudist Maheeda Reveals she's now born again. (Photos and videos)

3plegxd 06/25/2020

Nudist, Maheeda has uncovered that she's currently conceived again and she cautioned Nigerians about a dream she saw. 

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Maheedah said she saw a dream that a famous Nigerian big name lost her better half. Nonetheless, she included that she doesn't know whether passing or a separation is the reason for this misfortune. 

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Maheeda, who uncovered that she has given her life to Christ and let go of her old ways, approached Nigerians to petition God for the female big name. 

Previous nudist, Maheeda uncovers she 

She didn't give the big's name however said "all of you know her". 

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The following are recordings of Maheeda uncovering she's presently conceived again while cautioning about her vision.

Maheeda posted Earlier today that she is no longer a nudist and she's now born again and that there are evil spirits attached to nudity and warns many celebrities to Stop.

See video below


Do y'all really think she's born again or shes just wanting to Shake the internet.


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