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Why Chelsea might not win Manchester City.

Beckinsethan27 06/24/2020

Chelsea as we know is in one of the most volatile positions in the premier league (4th).

With about just 9 games left Chelsea has still not fully cemented there position in the top four in the premier league with Manchester united dangerously following them.

Manchester united on the other hand are in second position who are following Liverpool who are in first place with about 20 point difference.

The two giants of premier league (Manchester and Chelsea) has met about two times this season whereby Manchester city defeated Chelsea 2 - 1, although Chelsea scored first through the help of there midfielder kante, View pictures in App save up to 80% data. but later the goal from Manchester city and it was later doubled. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Judging by the way Manchester city played against Burnley (which Manchester city won 5-0) and the way Chelsea played against Aston villa (which they won 2-1) and the recent meetings between Manchester city and Chelsea one would make Manchester city the favorite over Chelsea

But who knows. Chelsea might surprise everyone and defeat Manchester city.

The only way to know that is to wait for the match to be played.

Source: opera.com
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