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Finally, Fani Kayode gave 250k to that Boy with Angelic voice, pledges to sponsor his university

Netflexs 06/26/2020

Finally, Fani Kayode gave N250,000 to the Boy that sings like an angel, pledges to sponsor his university education

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Chief Femi Fani Kayode the, the former Minister of aviation, revealed that he has successfully completed part of the pledge he made to that boy from imo state who sings like an angel.

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He made this revelation via his verified Tweeter handle where he tweeted that

"After much ado we finally found the handsome young boy from Owerri who sings like an angel and I have honoured my pledge. He touched my life with his songs of praise and he inspired and brought hope to millions. May God continue to be with him and use him.

I am so proud of this young man who is doing such a great work & who says he wants to be a priest. I am proud of his parents too who have weathered every storm, remained steadfast in their faith & trusted the Lord regardless of the challenging circumstances that they face. 

God is truly faithful and He honors and provides for His own. The case of this blessed and gifted young man and his wonderful family bears testimony to that! I am so excited and happy for them. To God alone be the glory!".

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We should recalled that, the boy Oluomachukwu from Imo state whom his video went viral on the internet, where he was singing a melodious songs and his songs draw a lots of attention and promises from many people within and outside Imo State.

We as well should recalled that , the current Governor of Imo State, Chief Hope Uzodima also pledged to adopt and sponsor the boy.

In addition to some group of Rev Fathers who has as well visited the little boy, as as regards to his decision to become a Rev Father.

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And now ,Fani Kayode has officially fulfilled part of the pledge he made to the boy with the sum of N250,000, and as well promise to pay every fee payable from his current education level, till he graduates from the University.

Wow this indeed a great news, and God has really remembered the boy and his family.

Please what do you think about this?

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