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We all have sinned and gone short of the glory of God.

Henryblakes 1d

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Greetings people of Goodwill!

It is no longer news, that people these days try to look for ways to reduce the level of their sins just to make them look less. It is very bad. Sin is sin, and therefore we all sin and go short of the Glory of God. Do not place your sin or grade it as lower than that of another.

The criminal/thief believes his sin is lesser than that of a murderer. The murderer on the other hand beleives that the criminal's sin is bigger. The heterosexual beleives that the gay commits the worst sin.

We continue to lower our sins to suit us and to make the other's appear big. In the commandments of God, there was no place where sins were graded.

Stop reducing your sins to suit you. Stop judging and grading other people's sins. Concentrate on yourself. Work on your own sins and avoid condemning another. When you sin and yet condem others for doing the same, you are indirectly condemning yourself too.

No matter how you reduce or increase the level of sins, sin is sin, and nothing changes that. Work on yourself. Accept you are a sinner, and ask God for the grace to be a better human and not live in sin. Your condemnations and judgements on others will make you forget that you too is a sinner.

I pray God to help us all.

I look up to see your replies and thoughts on this.

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