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1 APC and 3 PDP: 4 State Governors That Should Contest In 2023 Presidential Election

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The Nigerian political space is bereft of many who are politics as a ladder. Olusegun Obasanjo, the first civilian President of Nigeria was a general in the army. He was said to be the one who conquered the present day South South and claimed dominance over the lands, therefore he can be said to be a Governor. President Umaru Musa Yaradua was a former Governor in a northern state in Nigeria. His vice president who later bacame his successor when he kicked the bucket was a former Governor of Bayelsa state. The cycle continued as Namadi Samba, Vice President under Goodluck Jonathan was a former Governor also. Only Muhammadu Buhari and Prof. Yemi Osibanjo have not held a position as a state Governor before this time. Rabiu Kwankwamso and Rochas Okorocha were both state Governors when they decided to contest in the presidential primaries under APC. Who says the next president of Nigeria should not come from the present crop of state Governors?

Today, we would look 4 state Governors we believe deserves a chance at the presidential election in 2023.

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1. Nyesom Wike: The Rivers State Governor is known as the 'talk and do' governor because of his transformation of Rivers State especially Port Harcourt city into what it was meant to be, a mega city. If there is one state Governor who has proven his worth, then Wike is the Man.

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2. Seyi Makinde: If we ever want a tested and trusted young candidate, Sowore, Moghualu, Fela Durotoye fall short with Seyi Makinde, the incumbent governor of Oyo State. His net worth is about N48 Billion yet such a rich governor still finds enough reason to give back to the people. Personally, I would vote for Mr Seyi Makinde if he chooses to contest not minding the political party.

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3. Sani Bello: With a net worth of about $1 billion, the governor of Niger state is an established business Man with investments in the oil and gas industry. If Nigeria wants to follow the trend of some countries and use it's greatest produce to enrich it's economy, then we would need a president who understands the happenings in the oil and gas industry. This is the part Gov. Sani Bello falls in. Surprisingly, Bello is a graduate of Economics.

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4. Benedict Ayade: If we want a president like Joseph in the Bible who was skilled in storing of food against the day of famine, Prof. Benedict Ayade is the Man. Check out his works on food security and know this has something to offer.

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Top Comments
KingdomEmeka · 06/27/2020
For me I go for cross rivers state governor Ben ayade he promote the civil servent as at when do he has paid pentioneers and there graduites up to date to talk of it look at what is doing in road construction and urban development, so for all this I will vote for him
AlhajiOREDEKO · 06/28/2020
Prof Yemi Osinbajo is my choice. He is an Apostle of Peace a God f fearing man to core, Though I am a Muslim but I have a right to speak out my mind.
GUEST_DGK5mlelz · 09/21/2020
Seyi is the most fit
BarUwaChinedu · 06/27/2020
Engr Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State is d best Governor to smell Aso Rock

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