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Guy Shares how His Girlfriend Saw a Dead Cockroach in the Soya Milk She Bought to Drink

JaybeeAnochi 06/25/2020

People pay less attention to hygiene. When it comes to talks about hygiene and environmental cleanliness, people tend to wave it off.

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Health is one of the treasures of life. The heath practisioners will always say that health is wealth, but most people sweep all these under the carpet. To them, God gives good health. They pay no attention to those necessary things they should do to live healthy.

You will see most people living carelessly. Consuming any kind of food that comes their way. Living in very unkempt areas and engaging in some harmful lifestyles like smoking, over consumption of alcohol and so on.

All these are detrimental to our health and affects us seriously. When it comes to our meals, it is always adviced that we eat healthy foods. We should also, cook our meals in clean environments, with clean utensils and so on.

There is always an issue when it comes to roadside foods. Oftentimes, most people who cook for the public do not always consider some standard of hygiene while at it. You will see them cooking with dirty utensils, unwashed vegetables and serving them in dirty areas. This should be looked into by the necessary healthy organizations..

It was not funny when a Facebook storyteller took to his Facebook page to narrate the story of how his friend bought a can of soya milk only to see a Cockroach inside it.

In his words; "Here, in an open park. Busy with my phone. Waiting for my waybill to arrive. A very fine girl. Good looking too. Sat beside me. Bought a can of soya milk and Gala.

Began to enjoy her snack. Few seconds into the enjoyment. Fine girl hurriedly spat out. Threw away the can of soya milk she was sipping.

Looked down on the floor to see what was that she spat out. Cockroach".

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This is disgusting as it is unhealthy. One would be left to ask the question of how careless was the person that made the soya milk that he or she paid less attention to the contents. How can a fly as big as a Cockroach get into a drink without being noticed or seen? Carelessness!

The story triggered some reactions online as most people were seen in the comment section narrating a similar experience they had before. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

What do you have to say about this? Have you had this kind of experience before? What would you do if you were the person?

Thank you for reading. Do well to like, share and comment. See you in my next post.

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