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End Time Wedding: Photos of man who marries 7 brides at once

Bakrmakanaki 06/24/2020

Recently women have been forced to speak out that they are ready to marry but men are not approaching them which makes it difficult for them to leave the life of singleness.

On the other hand, the notion that getting a marriageable man is difficult has been proven to be true in the most unimaginable way.

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A man has shocked the world after walking down the aisle with seven brides in one wedding. The man who is a Zambian set this record and becomes the first man to take the hands of seven beautiful brides in marriage at the same time.

Several reactions have been trailing the wedding. While some sees it as a fulfilment of the biblical prophesy that seven women will attach themselves to one man and beg him to marry them so that they can cover their shame, others chastised the groom condemning his action to no longer be enjoyment but stupidity because one wife is already a big problem talk less of 7 wives. They concluded that that may be what send him to his early grave.

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I believe the man is a legend to have seven wives. How did he convince all of them he wanted to get marry to them at once. We need him to write a book to explain to us how he managed to pull off such amazing achievement.

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What do you think of the man. Do you think he is smart to have pull off such feat or just a confused man digging down his grave?

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+234-803297**** · 06/26/2020
what!!!!!! He must be born again

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