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Fresh hopes in school resumption as Federal Government submits Proposal to Nation Assembly

FelixBlogs 06/24/2020

Fresh hopes in school resumption as Federal Government submits Proposal to nation Assembly.

Federal Government has given fresh hope on schools resumption , Submits Proposal to Nation Assembly .

New updates has been given by federal government over the reopening of schools in the country. 

Federal Government said it has presented a proposal on modalities for reopening of schools. 

Due to pressure from parents ,students and stakeholders , the federal government said it has summited a proposal for resumption of schools nation wide to the National Assembly.  

During a meeting on Tuesday , 23 June , with the members of the Senate Committee on education , The minister of education state , Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba made it known in what looks like fresh hope for students in the country. 

Mr. Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba made it clear that the proposal is different from the guildline previously released on ban lit on learning centers.The minister went further to say that the education of the country can move forward despite the covid-19 pandemic in the country.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

He said " in the proposal we have suggested how we can move our education sector forward in this Coronavirus pandemic period ". 

He was added that he don't want to make the proposal known , so that people will not take it as guildline for school resumption.

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