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Everyone wants to make it in life, everyone wants to be satisfied but are they actually doing things right? 

 Just like in a video game, there is always an opponent and we play with an expectation of winning and sometimes we do win and some other time we don't. In reality, that opponent could be the many negative things of this world but one cynical rival of ours is FAILURE. Failure is a hindrance, failure can also be a deceleration in the pursuit to attain success, failure is atrocious and malignant to human well-being. Failure is many awful things but actually has one good trait which is, being a DRIVE. A motivator says "Be brave enough to suck at something new". 

 Here is some news: we all have to begin somewhere. Don't be afraid to be unfavourable at something new, but be afraid you didn't attempt a trial. We all get petrified but we shouldn't allow the petrifaction instill because when it does, failure becomes a nature. It is true nobody wants to fail, everyone wants to succeed and be reputable. We shouldn't allow our views be limited by the short horizon of this life, it is the smallest portion of our existence, the life we live upon earth is only but the vestibule to another. 

 When we fail we think it's all over and might perhaps decide to drown in a longtime lowering of enjoyment of life or inability to visualize a happy future but that is certainly uncalled for because it isn't optional,we make the decisions and instead of choosing the negative and keep drowning, go for the positive with an entitlement of consistent trials and you would see yourself regaining a reappraisal to throw the dart and getting it to hit the exact spot you know, doing things correctly and awaiting a better outcome. Don't make failure your nature but your opposite, don't make failure the apposition but rather the opposition. We only live once, make it worthwhile.

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