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See reasons why most girls who date rich men end up getting dumped

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Nowadays, most women wants to be in a relationship with only rich guys.

But just like in every aspect of life, some women succeeds in getting married to a rich man, while others don't.

Here are some reasons why a lady may have date many rich men in her life and still not end up marrying one:

1. He never loved you back

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. First of all, a relationship cannot last long when it is not mutual. And just because you're in love with someone doesn't guarantee that they'll love you back. The heart knows where it belongs. If he spends money on you is not enough reason to assume that he truly loves you. The man probably just wants to smash and pass. Nothing more, nothing less.

2. He's not as rich as you think he was

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A lot of ladies don't know the difference between a well groomed man and a rich man.

A lot of fresh guys out there are products of good self-packaging. He might be living well, has the basic possessions of life, but his bank account might not be fat.

He might not have the type of money that you think he has, and when your expectations from him are getting higher than his actual capacity, he might be forced to let you go, just to avoid unnecessary pressure. The lady may also be forced to leave when he's not meeting your own needs as expected.

3. He knew you're after his money

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He may be right. You might be running after him because of his money and you've carelessly made it obvious to him. A lot of guys are not so blind to quickly notice that.

The man might act as if he's not aware, but he knows fully that you're lusting over his money. And he's not going to let you stick around for long.

4. He wanted a rich girl too

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Who doesn't like the good life?

Most rich people nowadays wants to be in a relation with someone who has something to bring to the table. Aside love making, beauty and curves, what did you have to offer your man?

Have you heard the saying "Kings roll with Queens"?

5. You didn't have ideas and he got problems with that

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Ever asked why the rich mingle with the rich? It's because most rich people did not become rich by accident, they think outside the box and worked hard to acquire their wealth.

The rich guy you dated has gone through a lot to acquire his wealth, and they'll do anything to keep afloat. Even if he had inherited the wealth, he still needs to keep to the standards except if he's ready to go broke. And the last thing he needs is a woman sticking around and not contributing to his mission. Love alone does not put food on the table.

6. He was not even ready to settle down

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Your man was not even ready to settle down as the time you were dating him. Ladies need to know that not every successful guy thinks of marriage.

He might still want to enjoy life before getting married.

So while you were catching feelings, he was just having fun with you.

7. You're not the only one struggling to have him

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It's a serious competition. Other girls are fighting for what you were fighting for. And in most cases the best fighter wins.

You're certainly not the only one looking for a rich boo, most girls are. You're probably not the only one he has, several other hot chics were waiting in line.

8. You're throwing yourself at him too much

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In a bid to keep him to yourself alone, you're being overzealous towards him and the entire relationship. That might turn him off a little, because you appear too insecure and cheap.

This are a few reasons why ladies who dated rich guys in their life didn't end up marrying one. What are your thoughts?

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